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WinUnit::AssertException クラスabstract

#include <WinUnit.h>

WinUnit::AssertException の継承関係図
WinUnit::AssertExceptionW< size > WinUnit::AssertExceptionA< size >


virtual const wchar_t * Message ()=0
 Returns the message associated with this exception. [詳解]
virtual ‾AssertException ()=0


AssertException is a base class for wide-character and ANSI versions, used when _UNICODE is defined or not defined, respectively. The "Message" method is wide-character-only, so the ANSI version has to account for this. You do not need to use this class if you are not implementing your own asserts–use the WIN_ASSERT* macros instead (see Assert Macros and Functions).

If you're implementing your own "asserts", you should use the derived AssertExceptionT instead (actually a preprocessor define replaced by AssertExceptionW in Unicode and AssertExceptionA in ANSI). You can think of it as declared like this:
class AssertExceptionT : public AssertException
// Append a formatted message to the exception's Message string. "message"
// is a printf-style format string; "..." and "args" are two ways of passing
// in the variable-length argument list.
void AppendMessage(const TCHAR* message, ...);
void AppendMessage(const TCHAR* message, va_list args);
virtual const wchar_t* Message();


virtual const wchar_t* WinUnit::AssertException::Message ( )
pure virtual

Returns the message associated with this exception.

WinUnit::AssertExceptionW< size >で実装されています。

virtual WinUnit::AssertException::‾AssertException ( )
inlinepure virtual