1 /*************************************************************************/
6 #pragma once
8 #include "altstr.hpp"
9 #include <vector>
10 #include "myfile.h"
11 #include "lhazfile.h"
12 #include "mystr.h"
14 using std::vector;
16 class LHAZFILE_OD : public LHAZFILE {
18 public:
19  static void CheckUploadLimitation(vector<WSTR>& files);
20  static const MYFILE::OPENFILTER* GetFilter(void) { return m_od_up_filter; }
21  static bool IsOneDriveDocument(const MYSTR& file);
22  //
23  LHAZFILE_OD(const WSTR& name, const time_t& t, int icon, bool isdir, LONGLONG size);
24  ‾LHAZFILE_OD(void);
25  //
26  const WSTR& GetID(void) const { return m_id; }
27  const WSTR& GetParentID(void) const { return m_parent_id; }
28  bool IsNewDir(void) const { return m_newdir; }
29  bool IsOneDriveDocument(void);
30  void SetID(const WSTR& id) { m_id = id; }
31  void SetNewDir(bool b) { m_newdir = b; }
32  void SetParentID(const MYSTR& id) { m_parent_id = id; }
34 private:
35  enum { MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE = 100 * 1024 * 1024 };
36  //
37  static const TCHAR* m_forbidden_chars[];
38  static const MYFILE::OPENFILTER m_od_up_filter[];
39  static const TCHAR* m_supported_extension[];
40  //
41  WSTR m_id;
42  bool m_newdir;
45 };
Definition: lhazfile.h:14
XZ Utils and lzmadec command line tools are in the public domain unless GNU getopt_long had to be compiled and linked in from the lib directory The getopt_long code is under GNU LGPLv2 The scripts to and view compressed files have been adapted from gzip These scripts and their documentation are under GNU GPLv2 All the documentation in the doc directory and most of the XZ Utils specific documentation files in other directories are in the public domain Translated messages are in the public domain The build system contains public domain files
Definition: COPYING.txt:3
static void CheckUploadLimitation(vector< WSTR > &files)
Definition: lhazfile_od.cpp:187
bool IsOneDriveDocument(void)
Definition: lhazfile_od.cpp:164
static const TCHAR * m_forbidden_chars[]
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:37
static const MYFILE::OPENFILTER * GetFilter(void)
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:20
bool IsNewDir(void) const
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:28
LHAZFILE_OD(const WSTR &name, const time_t &t, int icon, bool isdir, LONGLONG size)
Definition: lhazfile_od.cpp:148
then any Derivative Works that You distribute must include a readable copy of the attribution notices contained within such NOTICE file
Definition: LICENSE.txt:110
WSTR m_id
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:41
const WSTR & GetID(void) const
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:26
static const TCHAR * m_supported_extension[]
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:39
bool m_newdir
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:42
static const MYFILE::OPENFILTER m_od_up_filter[]
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:38
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:35
void SetNewDir(bool b)
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:31
Definition: lhazfile_od.cpp:157
void SetID(const WSTR &id)
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:30
void SetParentID(const MYSTR &id)
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:32
WSTR m_parent_id
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:43
const WSTR & GetParentID(void) const
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:27
Definition: lhazfile_od.h:16